Plat Notes

Each of the plats begins with its number. The letters which may follow the numbers, such as A-D and R have the following meaning:

R - reserved
A-D designates a plat which may have been a family plat which has had additional family members added so we have kept them within the same plat #.

You will not find any data on the plats with an R on the end as the intended resident has not arrived yet (as far as we know)


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Plat # Last Name First Names
944 Abernathy Fannie Levica Rea
1062 Alderson Jane
849 Alexander Alva Edison Jr.
463 Alexander Annie Lee Campbell
459 Alexander Annie Marie
559 Alexander Audria T.
136 Alexander Aunt Kate
170 Alexander Cora Brown
132 Alexander Curtis Reid
94 Alexander David B.
629R Alexander David C.
630R Alexander David C.
631R Alexander David C.
848 Alexander David E.
135R Alexander Doris Jean
466 Alexander Dwight Moody
465 Alexander Ethel Brinkley
1060 Alexander Hannah
130 Alexander Hattie Smith
456A Alexander Henry M.
464 Alexander Henry Quincy
133 Alexander Infant
434 Alexander Infant
435 Alexander Infant
98 Alexander Infants(2)
385 Alexander J.S.
384 Alexander Jane E.
137 Alexander Jennie M.
383 Alexander John O.
461 Alexander Joseph Kell
97 Alexander Lee R.
476 Alexander Louise Dunavant
432 Alexander Luola Patterson
171 Alexander Marcellus
851R Alexander Mark W.
460 Alexander Martha Janet
141 Alexander Mary A.
628 Alexander Mary Jane McKee
134 Alexander Mary Neil
560 Alexander Mary RobertaJackson
375A Alexander Mildred L.
138 Alexander Nancy H.
131 Alexander Neil O.
850 Alexander Patricia Ingram
457R Alexander Robert M.
96 Alexander Rosser E.
456B Alexander Ruth M.
95 Alexander S.D.
433 Alexander Sadie
771 Alexander Unknown
467 Alexander Vernon Elizabeth Caldwell
132A Alexander William Eugene
431 Alexander William Samuel
475 Alexander William Sutton
1124 Allen Elizabeth
566 Alsop Carolyn Clark
565R Alsop James Richard
1014 Ardrey Infants (twins)
625 Arnold Ellen Elizabeth
835R Auten Elizabeth
836R Auten Elizabeth
837R Auten Elizabeth
1876R Baker Duane L.
1877R Baker Duane L.
1878R Baker Duane L.
1879R Baker Duane L.
313R Baker Susan
312R Baker Susan
1900 Baldwin H. Cuyler
1899 Baldwin Myrtle H.
574R Barber Andy (R. Andrew)
547 Barber Jane Sims Hamilton
573 Barber Norma Grier
546 Barber Osmond
572 Barber Robert Hamilton
575R Barber Susan (Mrs R. Andrew)
1381 Barnett Able William
1376 Barnett Joseph L.
1377 Barnett Margaret
1380 Barnett Margaret J.
1379 Barnett Moses A.
1378 Barnett R.C.
660 Barnette Robert C.
668 Barnette William P.
172 Bass Infant
173 Bass Infant
247 Bass Infant
179 Bass Margaret J.
99 Bass Mary W. Alexander
177 Bass Mattie J.
174 Bass Minnie Morris
175 Bass Samuel W.
176 Bass Unknown
178 Bass W.J.
443R Baum Nancy and Bill
444R Baum Nancy and Bill
445R Baum Nancy and Bill
446R Baum Nancy and Bill
1059 Baxter Andrew
1058 Baxter Andrew Jr.
1103 Baxter James Potts
1057 Baxter Lydia
1104 Baxter Margaret
1102 Baxter William
568R Biggers Howard
570R Biggers Howard
569 Biggers Howard Randolph IV
922A Bissell Margaret K.Bissell
923 Bissell William Morrell
1397 Black Infant
1396 Black John
1398 Black Thomas A.
499 Blakeney Baby
545 Blakeney Baby
543 Blakeney Edmonia Martin
501 Blakeney Grace Hoge
500 Blakeney Harriet Caldwell
542 Blakeney James A. Jr.
504 Blakeney James Albert
503 Blakeney Margaret Martin
541 Blakeney Willie Blount (Mrs.)
540R Blakeney  
766 Bonner Davis R.
767 Bonner Eugenia Harris
764 Bonner Maude D. Chaney
765 Bonner Virginia S. Chapman
302 Boyd Annie White
225 Brigman Ella Matthews
436 Brooks Nancy Ellen Knotts
435A Brooks William Alexander
743 Bryant Alphonsa Parks
769 Bryant Ammie(Mrs. G.B.)
742 Bryant Bettie Celestial
737 Bryant Beulah Ross
768 Bryant George Badger
738 Bryant Henry
739 Bryant Julia Sophia Parks
741 Bryant Larkin Robinson
770 Bryant Robert M.
740 Bryant Thomas Kell
744 Bryant William Lutha
544R Bullock Margaret Blakeney
1281R Burke Peggy
1282R Burke Peggy
1286R Burke Peggy
64 Caldwell Andrew Currie
61 Caldwell David Calvin (D.C.)
81 Caldwell Hannah P.
351 Caldwell Infant
355R Caldwell Irvin
356R Caldwell Irvin
357R Caldwell Irvin
354 Caldwell Irvin Warren
352 Caldwell John M.
350 Caldwell Judith V.
82 Caldwell Lizzie Jane
62 Caldwell Margaret Harrison
353 Caldwell Mary Ella Shannon
63 Caldwell Thomas Craighead
60 Caldwell William Addison
209 Campbell Annie Lee
1259 Campbell Betty (Mrs.)
1260 Campbell Henry
206 Campbell John Thomas
207 Campbell Mary J. Alderson
208 Campbell William E.
841R Canupp Jack
842R Canupp Jack
843R Canupp Jack
664R Capps Bill and Ginger
665R Capps Bill and Ginger
666R Capps Bill and Ginger
490R Carswell Melody and Eddie
491R Carswell Melody and Eddie
492R Carswell Melody and Eddie
493R Carswell Melody and Eddie
555 Cerny Bertha Antoinette (Mrs.)
1927 Chandler Joseph C.
1928R Chandler Joseph E.
1929R Chandler Joseph E.
1926 Chandler Josephine G.
1966R Chandler Walter C.
1967R Chandler Walter C.
1968R Chandler Walter C. Jr
1969R Chandler Walter C. Jr
1902 Christman C.J.
1903R Christman C.J. (Mrs)
1901 Christman C.J. (Mrs)
760 Clute Claudine J.
759 Clute Jasper L.
1337 Coffey David S.
1338 Coffey David Samuel
1335 Coffey James A.
1336 Coffey Jane Kerr
1339 Coffey John B.
1340 Coffey Martha Rea
732 Condor A. Bright
731 Condor Sarah A.
655R Craig Frances
653 Craig Rebecca Gilliard
654 Craig Robert C.
152A Cram Maria L.
710R Crater Betty
711 Crater Carole Anne
709 Crater Claudius A. "Sonny"
424 Crenshaw Flora Patterson
426 Crenshaw John Watson
425 Crenshaw Olvin Alexander
386 Culp Janie
825A Culp William A.
1084 Cunningham James
1083 Cunningham Letitia
1086 Cunningham Mary
1085 Cunningham Roger
1082 Cunningham William
1081 Cunningham William S.
968 Cureton Sarah Amanda
596 Dang Christopher Tony
597R Dang Tung
598R Dang Tung
979 Davis Ann
1105 Davis Ann
401R Davis Lewis
402R Davis Lewis
400A Davis Lewis W. Davis
977 Davis Lucinda
976 Davis Mary
978 Davis Mary A.C.
1106 Davis Walter
736 DeLaney Betsy H.
468 Delaney David James
733R DeLaney Harry M.
734R DeLaney Harry M.
735 DeLaney Harry M.
469 Delaney Mary Downs (Mrs.)
612 Dionne Lila Spink
427R Downs **
1235A Downs Charles Vann
1243 Downs Daughter of J & M.T. Downs
471 Downs David J.
429 Downs Fair Kuykendall
1206 Downs Frances
1238 Downs Frances P.
1207 Downs Henry
1237 Downs Henry Lark
129A Downs Infant
1247 Downs J. Thomas
1208 Downs J.T. (John T.)
1236 Downs James Franklin
1239 Downs James T.
470 Downs Janet Patton
1206A Downs John T.
1244 Downs Jonathan
1240 Downs Joseph
645 Downs Larkin M.
430 Downs Margaret Frances
1248 Downs Margaret Joanna Orr
1241 Downs Mary
1246 Downs Mary E.
128 Downs Mary Susan Coffey
1245 Downs Mary T. Black
127 Downs Minnie Banks
1242 Downs Thomas
481R Downs William B.
483R Downs William B.
482 Downs William Banks
129 Downs William Henry
428 Downs William Rea
1159 Dunn Agnes R.
1354 Dunn Andrew
1390 Dunn Andrew (Captain)
1160 Dunn Dovey
1158 Dunn Elizabeth J.W.
1355 Dunn Isbell
1357 Dunn James
1157 Dunn James A. (Colonel)
1391 Dunn Jane M.
658 Dunn Jefferson E.
1156 Dunn L.C.
1353 Dunn Mary
1393 Dunn Miranda
642 Dunn Robert W.
646 Dunn S.W. Thomas
1356 Dunn Thomas
1392 Dunn Thomas
1161 Dunn Thomas A.
1402 Dye Clara Alice
1308R Edwards Bob
1309R Edwards Bob
1310R Edwards Bob
1311R Edwards Bob
868R Eller Gary S.
869R Eller Gary S.
870R Eller Gary S.
871R Eller Gary S.
872R Eller Gary S.
980 Emmons Margaret D.
1285 Ennis Lindsey
1284 Ennis Margaret A. Hudson
1169 Ezzell Andrew J.
949 Ezzell Carrie Elizabeth
947 Ezzell Mary E.
1089 Ezzell Mary H.
950 Ezzell Nancy Amanda
948 Ezzell R. Frederick
847 Farmer Martha Bryant (Mrs.)
643 Fincher John Edward
437 Fleming James Patrick
438 Fleming Mary Alexander
1234 Flennegin John
1235 Flenniken Mary
1293 Foster Henry
1292 Foster Martha
362 Freeman Carlton Davis
403 Freeman Frank C.
411 Freeman Helen E.
297 Freeman Ida E. Davis
296 Freeman James W.
299 Freeman Mary Jane Dabbs
296A Freeman Neil Reid
298 Freeman Ted
701 Funderburk Carrie Matthews
1312 Ganser Jane R. Harrell
1314R Ganser William Russell
1313 Ganser William Russell Jr.
341R Garner George
342R Garner George
343R Garner George
340 Garner Susan B.
319R Gibson Jane
318 Gibson Samuel Monroe
779R Good Louis
780R Good Louis
781R Good Louis
782R Good Louis
1099 Graham Lydia
1991R Gray Curtis A.
1992R Gray Curtis A.
918 Greene Emma Kuykendal
649 Grey Elizabeth
651 Grey Elizabeth Hudson
650 Grey Hugh
1316 Grey Infant
652 Grey Richard Thomas
648 Grey William
1294 Gribble Dorcas Helen
165 Gribble James Harris
1296 Gribble Mary A.
1295 Gribble William
159R Grier **
167 Grier Annie H.
323R Grier Danny
324R Grier Danny
325R Grier Danny
326R Grier Danny
244R Grier Dottie
1886R Grier E. Reid
1887 Grier E. Reid
190 Grier Eli C.
638 Grier Elizabeth M.
194 Grier Ellie A.
275 Grier Ellie P.
157 Grier Ethel Hudson
1306 Grier Florence
1307 Grier Gerald H.
271 Grier Ida C.
635 Grier Infant
193 Grier James M.
317 Grier Jane Lee
634 Grier John Calvin
166 Grier Joseph J.
245 Grier Joseph Julius Jr.
274 Grier Julius R.
163 Grier Julius Solomon
270 Grier Kathleen
246 Grier Kathryn McGarity
160 Grier Little Bertie
191 Grier Lydia Reid
234 Grier Martha "Mattie"A. Duncan
1851R Grier Marty
1852R Grier Marty
1853R Grier Marty
1854R Grier Marty
637 Grier Mary
272 Grier Mary Alexander
195 Grier Mary Alice Simpson
192 Grier Mattie E.
1884R Grier Michael
1885R Grier Michael
158 Grier Michael Osborne
161 Grier Myrtle
197R Grier N.C. Jr.
198R Grier N.C. Jr.
199R Grier N.C. Jr.
200R Grier N.C. Jr.
196 Grier Neil C. Sr.
243R Grier R.N.
639 Grier Robert
636 Grier Robert H.
273 Grier Samuel R.
156 Grier Sidney F.
316 Grier Thaddeus B.
162 Grier Thomas K.
241 Grier Thomas Neil
242 Grier Violet
164 Grier Virginia Vail
233 Grier William R.
235 Grier William Reid
236 Grier Willie Biggers
276 Grier Winifred D.
189R Gross Betty
1880R Grotophorst Fred W.
1881R Grotophorst Fred W.
1882R Grotophorst Fred W.
1883 Grotophorst Fred W.
258 Gurney Ella Bills
257 Gurney Henry Eccles
26 Hagins Eliza J.
69 Harget James M.
70 Harget Jane M.
71 Harget Mollie
338 Hargett Eliza F.
337 Hargett Infants
336 Hargett Julia H.
335 Hargett S. Lee
339 Hargett William M.
610A Harmon Mollie T. Reid
548A Harper Clara
548 Harper Lester Carl
1001 Harris Amelia Jane
1003 Harris Elizabeth T.S.
1004 Harris Hugh
1359 Harris Hugh
1002 Harris James Taylor
1061 Harrison Mary
1681 Hartis F.O.
1680 Hartis Lillian Sparrow
1729 Hattersley Joseph W.
1728 Hattersley Louise H. (Mrs. Joseph W.)
1959R Heller Kay
1960 Heller(Col.) KennethE.(USAirForce Ret.)
891R Helms B.M.
892R Helms B.M.
802 Helms Burgess M.
227 Helms Clayton
216 Helms Cyrus Ed "Eddie"
229 Helms Grady M.
214 Helms Herman "Cap"
228 Helms Lester H.
211 Helms Lillie
801 Helms Lucy L. Morris
215 Helms Martha Ann McCall
226 Helms Mary Ruth
212 Helms Walter Banks
270A Henderson Mary
998 Hennigan Susannah
1767R Herndon Marion E. Jr.
1768R Herndon Marion E. Jr.
1766 Herndon Marion E. Jr.
1765 Herndon Sara Pritchard
1848R Hewett Betty
1849R Hewett Betty
1850R Hewett Betty
20 Hinson Mary Jackson Matthews
19 Hinson Reuben Edgar
672 Holloway Gertrude Ross
462 Hollowell Edith Alexander
203R Holt Pam
204R Holt Pam
205R Holt Pam
1254 Houston A.C.
1274 Houston Aaron
1382 Houston Alice M
1020 Houston Ann M.
1019 Houston David
1251 Houston Grizzy
1384 Houston Hugh L.
1250 Houston James
1276 Houston James
1249 Houston James N.
1272 Houston Jane D.
1070 Houston John
1385 Houston John R.
1275 Houston Margaret Matthews
1383 Houston Solomon C.
1386 Houston William M.
1302 Howard Ada Bell Potts
1303 Howard C. Oliver III
1301 Howard Charlton O.
1304 Howard Charlton Oliver Jr.
1305 Howard Jenny Lind Walkup
1299 Howard Margaret Oliver
1297 Howard Richard Baxter
1298 Howard Robert Dickey
1300 Howard Samuel B.
248R Howell Kathy
249R Howell Kathy
250R Howell Kathy
251R Howell Kathy
991 Howey A.H.
1273 Howey Agnes
992 Howey Harriet A.
990 Howey Martha F. (E.?)
1350 Howey Sara Ann
1371 Howie Elizabeth
1349 Howie Mary
1372 Howie William
557R Hrabanek H.B.
558R Hrabanek H.B.
556 Hrabanek H.B.
113R Hudson "JRH"
114R Hudson "JRH"
115R Hudson "JRH"
116R Hudson "JRH"
184R Hudson **
183 Hudson Ann M.
154 Hudson Hilda (Mrs R.A.)
188 Hudson Infant
182 Hudson Joseph R.
187 Hudson Little Grace
181 Hudson M.A.
152R Hudson Richard
1180 Hudson Richard
185 Hudson Richard A.
153 Hudson Richard A. Jr.
180R Hudson Richard Jr
186 Hudson Sallie Howard
1598 Hunter Annie Dellinger
720 Hunter Betsy Ann Matthews
712R Hunter Carinne
1603R Hunter Elizabeth Ann
717 Hunter Emma Pharr
1600R Hunter Harry R.
1602R Hunter Harry R.
1599 Hunter J. Clyde
1597 Hunter Jack Rivers
714 Hunter James
721 Hunter James Taylor
718 Hunter Julia B.
715 Hunter Martha Loftin(MrsV.S)
1601R Hunter Peggy A.
713 Hunter Roy
716 Hunter Victor Silas
719 Hunter W.S.P.
585R Ingle Danny
586R Ingle Danny
587R Ingle Danny
584 Ingle Ellen Scarborough
442 Jackman June Bracken
441 Jackman Oliver Cole
1147 John Able
1268 Johnson James
936 Johnston William C.
17 Jones John Albert Jr.
1283 Jones Sarah Dickey Ennis
1919R Joyner Norman
1920R Joyner Norman
1122 Karr Anny
1072 Karr Ellen
1955R Kellam Donald S. Jr. (Dr.)
1957R Kellam Donald S. Jr. (Dr.)
1958R Kellam Donald S. Jr. (Dr.)
1956 Kellam Donald S. Jr. (Dr.)
1743 Kennedy William C. Jr.
1741R Kennedy William C. Sr.
1742R Kennedy William C. Sr.
1744R Kennedy William C. SR.
334 Kerr Baby
202R Kerr Bess
201 Kerr Carl Houston "Pete"
332 Kerr Elizabeth Houston
1212 Kerr James
1209 Kerr Polly
1073 Kerr Samuel
1210 Kerr Samuel
333 Kerr Samuel Houston
1071 Kerr Susannah
1403 Ketcham Gilbert N.
1404R Ketcham Jean S.
1418R Ketchum  
1419R Ketchum  
359 Kicidis Elizabeth Diane
358R Kicidis James M.
360R Kicidis James M.
1701R Kilpatrick Ken
1702R Kilpatrick Ken
1703R Kilpatrick Ken
1704R Kilpatrick Ken
1412R Kinniburg Barbara
1413 Kinniburg Robert David Jr.
1135 Kirkpatrick Mary
893 Kiser Frankie R
894 Kiser Mary Rea
118 Knox Baby
89R Knox Etta
87 Knox Infant
120 Knox Isabella A.
88R Knox J. M. Jr.
122 Knox Jennie May
125 Knox John M.
123 Knox Lester Sample
124 Knox Lyde Dunn
119 Knox William A.
121 Knox William A. (W.A.)
126 Knox Marjorie Gardner
449R Kunkleman Dan and Lisa
450R Kunkleman Dan and Lisa
451R Kunkleman Dan and Lisa
452R Kunkleman Dan and Lisa
453R Kunkleman Dan and Lisa
454R Kunkleman Dan and Lisa
455R Kunkleman Dan and Lisa
448 Kunkleman Robert Elsworth
919 Kuykendall Carrie Rea
686 Kuykendall E.C.
684 Kuykendall Emma C. Wolfe
920 Kuykendall F.B.
682 Kuykendall Frances M. Howie
922 Kuykendall Franklin B.Jr.
685 Kuykendall John W.
921R Kuykendall Louise
687 Kuykendall Margaret F.
688 Kuykendall Mary E.
683 Kuykendall W.F.
858R Lambert Phil
859R Lambert Phil
860R Lambert Phil
861R Lambert Phil
708R Latimer James K.
707 Latimer Louise Groff
1993R Lefler S. Stephen
1994R Lefler S. Stephen
1995R Lefler S. Stephen
1996R Lefler S. Stephen
749 Leonard Dorothy Matthews
750 Leonard Walter B.
838R Lewis Sonya Y.
839R Lewis Sonya Y.
840R Lewis Sonya Y.
1361 Lewis Thomas M.
365A Little Mary Porter
2003R Lookadoo Oliver
2004R Lookadoo Oliver
2005R Lookadoo Oliver
2006R Lookadoo Oliver
458 Lydic Jessie Alexander (Mrs.)
1961R Mace Dale
1962R Mace Dale
1963R Mace Dale
1964R Mace Dale
756 Mackey Capers Ray
364 Manus Amanda Helms
327 Manus Billy R.
329 Manus Julia M.
330 Manus M. Juanita
328 Manus Mary Belle
363 Manus William A.
391A Marshall Leona Squires
1611 Martin Cary L.
1610 Martin Ola (Mrs. Cary L.)
254 Massey Anne Helms
253 Massey Bill Edward
1049 Massey Mrs. Elizabeth T.
286R Massey Robert
287R Massey Robert
6R Matthews **
13R Matthews **
14R Matthews **
15R Matthews **
22R Matthews **
150R Matthews **
422R Matthews **
1166 Matthews Alexander S.
72 Matthews Amanda E.
994 Matthews Andrew Jackson
1168 Matthews Ann Rea
219 Matthews Athlia Watts
939 Matthews Charles (Infant)
938 Matthews Charles R.
218 Matthews Clark C.
1 Matthews Clark Weddington
110 Matthews Cora McAuley
1126 Matthews E. (Mrs.)
10 Matthews Ella McLeod
80 Matthews Esther B.
993 Matthews Esther S.
109 Matthews Ezra McGill
147 Matthews Fannie Shannon
727 Matthews Flora
12 Matthews Fred O.
148CR Matthews Gene
149R Matthews Gene
75 Matthews Green M.
726 Matthews Helen
145 Matthews Henry Banks
1080 Matthews Hugh H.
25 Matthews Ida M.
7 Matthews Ida P. (Miss)
3 Matthews Infant
5 Matthews Infant
8 Matthews Infant
420 Matthews Irvin Irene
754 Matthews J. Hunter
725 Matthews J. Young
149AR Matthews Jack
1037 Matthews James
1038 Matthews James B.
1125 Matthews James S.
1079 Matthews Jane E.
1035 Matthews Jane H.
1078 Matthews Jane T.
112 Matthews Joe M.
108 Matthews John C.
224 Matthews John Calvin
1127 Matthews John Houston
151A Matthews John Moses
23 Matthews John Moses
723 Matthews John W.
2 Matthews Josephine E. Walker
74 Matthews L. Blanche
9 Matthews Lawrence Wilson
223 Matthews Lawrence Wilson
21 Matthews Lila J.
4 Matthews Lola Belle
150A Matthews Louise Barber
939A Matthews Mabel (Infant)
937 Matthews Mabel (Mrs. C.R.)
724 Matthews Margaret A.
24 Matthews Margaret Hagins
722 Matthews Martha C. Walker
1040 Matthews Mary (alias McGill)
753 Matthews Mary Beard
111 Matthews Mary E.
995 Matthews Mary J.M.
706 Matthews Minnie Allie
421 Matthews Minnie Hunter
419 Matthews Minnie Walkup Matthews
1163 Matthews Nancy Jane
11 Matthews Ned Todd
704 Matthews Neil Stitt
24A Matthews S. Banna
76 Matthews Samuel W.
146 Matthews Samuel Watson
217 Matthews Sara Annie McKinney
151 Matthews Sara Hall
418 Matthews Sarah Elizabeth Houston
1165 Matthews Sarah Jane
73 Matthews W. McGill
996 Matthews William
1039 Matthews William
1036 Matthews William J.
417 Matthews William McGill
1167 Matthews William McGill
705 Matthews William Walkup
703 Matthews Willie Walkup
941 Maxwell Mary Rea
371 McAlister John W.
370 McAlister Lewis
372 McAlister Tillie
1406R McBride Grace
1405 McBride John
213 McCall Malinda Querry
662 McCall Mary L.
1415 McClanahan Albert B.
1414R McClanahan Judith M.
785R McCormick Bill and Emily
1146 McCullah Elizabeth
1118 McCullah Tracy C.
1150 McCullah William
1117 McCullah William M.
1069 McCulloch Amos
1114 McCulloch James
1120 McCulloch James
1116 McCulloch James E.
1067 McCulloch Jane
1121 McCulloch Jane
984 McCulloch John
1027 McCulloch John
1145 McCulloch John
1144 McCulloch Katharine Arene
1119 McCulloch Katherine Arene
1068 McCulloch Katherine E.
1026 McCulloch Mary
1028 McCulloch Mary Adaline
985 McCulloch Nancy R.
1087 McDowel Robert
1895R McDowell Ellen
1896R McDowell Ellen
1897 McDowell Ellen-Deming Smith
1288 McDowell Hulda Powell
1287 McDowell Joseph M.
1898 McDowell Marshall P.
106 McGinnis Estelle
815 McGinnis Gertrude Rea
676 McGinnis J.W.
814 McGinnis John Matthews
103 McGinnis John Patterson
674 McGinnis Julia Rea Caston
105 McGinnis Maggie
677 McGinnis Margaret Houston Patterson
104 McGinnis Marie E. Matthews
102 McGinnis Robert Johnson
678 McGinnis Sarah E. (Lizzie)
675 McGinnis W.F.
221 McGowan Vonnie Leigh
502 McIlwaine Bessie Martin Blakeney
85 McKee Carrie Knox
520 McKee Christine Ellis
624 McKee Elias Alexander
1328 McKee James
1327 McKee John
617 McKee John R.
618 McKee Joseph M.
623 McKee Martha Reid
620 McKee Mary Kuykendall
1348 McKee Nancy
1326 McKee Peggy
1325 McKee Polly
621 McKee Samuel Reid
622 McKee Samuel Watson
616 McKee Virginia N.
1324 McKee William
519 McKee William N. Jr.
619 McKee William Neil Sr.
1352 McKibben Autry
1351 McKibben Jean
309 McKinney Addie Marie
1175 McKinney Carol Luanne
551 McKinney Elizabeth
1178R McKinney Frank
1176 McKinney James Franklin
550 McKinney John Washington
306 McKinney John Wesley
220 McKinney Lillie Mae
552 McKinney Margaret Emma
1177 McKinney Mary Sharpe
308 McKinney Sarah E.
307 McKinney Sarah J.
1888 McKnight Faye G.
1889 McKnight S. Lacy
1891R McKnight S.L.
608 McLain Mattie N.
1123 McLaughlin Daniel
1148 McLaughlin Elizabeth M.
1149 McLaughlin Joseph
1152 McLaughlin Margaret L.
1153 McLaughlin S.L.
1151 McLaughlin Samuel M.
148 McLeod Hugh III
148D McLeod Hugh Jr
148B McLeod Sara Matthews
577 McManus Christine Barber
576 McManus William Emerson
423 McMurray Annie Lee Patterson
1999 Miller Andrew W.
1997 Miller Betty
535 Miller Frances Snead
534 Miller Minnie L.
536 Miller Samuel F.
537 Miller Samuel F. Jr.
1998 Miller William Scotty
1025 Millwee Lilly (Poly Ella)
599R Moore Evelyn
600R Moore Evelyn
601R Moore Evelyn
772R Moore Jean and Tom
773R Moore Jean and Tom
259 Morgan J.D.
260 Morgan Zelda
1171 Morris Catherine Ezzell
31 Morris G.C.
27 Morris Infant
28 Morris Infant
29 Morris Infant
1172 Morris James Tillroe
667 Morris Jane I.
30 Morris Julia C. Houston
755R Morris Mary MacKey
26A Morris Virginia Bertha
659 Morris W.M.
1021 Morrison Alexander
1263 Morrison Annabella Johnson
761R Morrison Helen
762 Morrison Helen
762 Morrison Helen
762 Morrison Helen
1265 Morrison James
1264A Morrison James Morrison
763 Morrison John W. Jr.
1264 Morrison Neill
1022 Morrison Susannah
1023 Morrison William (Dr.)
610 Mulkey Mary J.
1341R Mummaw Henry H.
1342R Mummaw Henry H.
1343R Mummaw Henry H.
1344 Mummaw Joseph W.
607 Nelson Susan I.
606 Nelson Thomas J.
382 Nesbit Ida Alexander
155 Newell M.J.
517 Niven Edward Carl
263 Niven Edward E.
261 Niven Edward Eugene
265 Niven Henry Downs
262 Niven Joseph Banks
266 Niven Mary Lou
518R Niven Sara
264 Niven Theresa Jane Downs
679 Non Site  
1056 Non Site  
1409 Non Site  
407R Norwood **
404 Norwood Hugh A.
406 Norwood James E.
405 Norwood Mary E.
1331 NotAvailable See note
1332 NotAvailable See note
852 Nussman Aurelia Latham(Aurie)
853R Nussman Roger
854R Nussman Roger
855R Nussman Roger
1198 Oliver Andrew J.
1195 Oliver Elizabeth
1197 Oliver Thomas
1266A Ormand James Jr.
1267 Ormand James Sr.
1345 Orr Jonathan
1347 Orr Margaret H.
1346 Orr Samuel W.
1860 Overton Ray
1859R Overton Verla Jane
1769R Owsley T. Reed
1770R Owsley T. Reed
1771R Owsley T. Reed
1772R Owsley T. Reed
954 Parks Amelia Ann
304 Parks Ann Oliver
747 Parks Ann P.
1094 Parks Elizabeth
746 Parks Elizabeth Susan
1095 Parks George
303 Parks Hugh Moore
983 Parks John M.
1202 Parks M.E.
1143 Parks Mary Matilda McCullah
953 Parks Mary Susan
748 Parks Moses Allen
1096 Parks Nancy
745 Parks Victor Orvill
1203 Parks William Livingston
474R Patterson **
1179 Patterson James N.H.
1184 Patterson James N.H.
1188 Patterson Jemimah H.
580R Patterson John (Mr/Mrs)
581R Patterson John (Mr/Mrs)
582R Patterson John (Mr/Mrs)
583R Patterson John (Mr/Mrs)
1189 Patterson John Jr.
1183 Patterson John Sr.
389 Patterson Julia J. Coffey
391 Patterson L. Belle Ross
1141 Patterson Lawrence D.
1182 Patterson Margaret A.
1181 Patterson Martha
1185 Patterson Mary
1142 Patterson Mary A.
1186 Patterson Mary Adaline & infant
387 Patterson Maude Leslig
472 Patterson Paul Presely
390 Patterson Samuel Watson
473 Patterson Verdie Ross
107 Patterson William F.
388 Patterson William H.
971 Patton Elizabeth Sutton
975 Patton Joseph L.
970 Patton Nancy Caroline
974 Patton Nancy D.L.
972 Patton William A.
973 Patton William L.
844R Peace Oscar L.
846R Peace Oscar L.
845 Peace Oscar L.
344 Pearce Annie F.
279R Pearce Bill
280R Pearce Bill
278 Pearce Etta G. Armstrong
314 Pearce James F.
310 Pearce John Davis
277 Pearce John Thomas
315 Pearce Margaret L. Coffey
311 Pearce Martha A.
345 Pearce Milo Alexander
528R Pearson Mrs. Tom (Joyce Reid)
529R Pearson Mrs. Tom (Joyce Reid)
151B Pettus Frances Matthews
507 Pierce Anne
331 Pierce Infants
506 Pierce Margaret Kerr
509 Pierce Shelton H(Captain)
505 Pierce William A.
1063 Polk John
1408R Poole Dolores
284 Porter Brown Lee
366 Porter Edgar Harris
1155 Porter James L.
368 Porter John E.
56 Porter John Morrow
51 Porter John Zephaniah
53 Porter Lillie V.
283 Porter Little Martha Evelyn
367 Porter Lorena
55 Porter Mary Margaret
52 Porter Sallie Coffey
1154 Porter Susan M.
285 Porter Theresa Helms
54 Porter Willie B.
969 Porter Winnefred Adaline
1098 Pots John
1015 Potts Ann Rebecca
964A Potts Bejamin M and John W
965 Potts Doritha L.
1389 Potts Elenor
966 Potts Isaac C.
1005 Potts James
1007 Potts James
1101 Potts James
964 Potts James M.
1010 Potts Jane Mc C
1009 Potts Levicy
1006 Potts Mary
1013 Potts Mary and Jane
1097 Potts Nancy
1016 Potts Robert Erskine
967 Potts William
1100 Potts William
1017 Potts William T.C.
1011 Potts William Jr
1012 Potts William Jr.
1279 Query Elizabeth A.
1280 Query J.C.
798AR Rea **
946 Rea Adaline E. McAulay
1266 Rea Andrew
1030 Rea Andrew Neel
562 Rea Anne May Bramlett
1213 Rea Benjamin F.
813 Rea Bessie Ingram
884 Rea Catherine
1193 Rea David
824 Rea David A.
989 Rea David J.
561A Rea David M.
927 Rea Doris Louise
987 Rea Elizabeth
294 Rea Erskine Morris
875R Rea Glenn M.
876R Rea Glenn M.
877R Rea Glenn M.
945 Rea Green Lee
826R Rea H.G.L.
827R Rea H.G.L.
828R Rea H.G.L.
829R Rea H.G.L.
816 Rea Harris Green Lee
798 Rea Hazel Emmet
817 Rea Isabella Watson Peoples
647 Rea J.K.
1194 Rea Jacob M.
795 Rea James Lathan Sr.
942 Rea James M.
1205 Rea James M.
1074 Rea Jemimah
293 Rea Joe Erskine
1360 Rea John
1192 Rea John (Esquire)
1214 Rea John Columbus
92 Rea John L.
799 Rea John L.
820R Rea John R.
821R Rea John R.
822R Rea John R.
1278 Rea Jonathan
811R Rea Lee
878R Rea Lee
879R Rea Lee
812 Rea Lester M.
943 Rea Levica L.
924 Rea Lillian Wilson(Mrs. W.R.)
926 Rea Mable Lillian
800 Rea Margaret Youngblood
794 Rea Mary Bell Ardrey
1219 Rea Mary Jean
231 Rea Minerva L.
1218 Rea Nancy
819 Rea Nancy Eubank (Mrs. Z.M.)
881 Rea Paul
882 Rea Ruth H
93 Rea Sarah E.
988 Rea Silas
825 Rea Steven Eugene
880 Rea Sue B.
883R Rea T. Leon
885 Rea T. Leon
825BR Rea T.E.
825CR Rea T.E.
825DR Rea T.E.
1031 Rea Thomas
823R Rea Watson P.
925 Rea Weimar Reid
230 Rea William
661 Rea William P.
295 Rea Willie G. Millen
825ER Rea Willie L
825FR Rea Willie L
825GR Rea Willie L
825HR Rea Willie L
928R Rea Z.M. Jr.
929R Rea Z.M. Jr.
818 Rea Zeb M.
940 Rea Zebulon M.
611 Reid A. Calvin
144 Reid Amzi G.
592R Reid Bradley Jr.
593R Reid Bradley Jr.
594R Reid Bradley Jr.
595R Reid Bradley Jr.
530R Reid Calvin Lee
531R Reid Calvin Lee
1367 Reid Catharine
626 Reid Eleanora Adams Hood
281 Reid Gertrude P.
33 Reid Isabella A.
1368 Reid Jane
144A Reid Jane K.
615 Reid John
562A Reid John Calvin Sr.
1369 Reid John W.
1364 Reid Jonathan
1363 Reid Joseph Jackson
34 Reid Joseph N.
614 Reid Martha M.
1366 Reid Mary
32 Reid Mary C.
564R Reid Mildred
627 Reid Soloman
140 Reid Tirza S.
139 Reid William B.
609 Reid William Watson
563 Reid Willie Kuykendall
527 Reid Bernyce
526 Reid John Calvin Jr.
282 Reid Jr. Monroe C.
148A Rice Lyde Matthews
810 Ridgeway Eddie
809 Ridgeway Martha H.
808 Ridgeway Ralph W.
239 Riggins Everette Walker
237 Riggins Infant
238 Riggins Infant
240 Riggins Lydia E.
80A Ritch Helen D.
613 Ritch Sarah Reid
1140 Robenson Alexander H.
1139 Robenson Milas J.
1137 Robenson Milas Jefferson
1138 Robenson Nancy
515 Robinson Emma P.
510 Robinson Infant
1252 Robinson Infant
1253 Robinson J.J.
1228 Robinson James
514 Robinson Larkin H.
362A Robinson Lena M. Freeman
516 Robinson Mamie Oliver
1230 Robinson Margaret
1227 Robinson Margaret McKee
513 Robinson William A.
1231 Robinson William P.
1251A Robinson Willie Rea
796 Rodgers Bessie Sehorn
797 Rodgers Lester Banks
567 Rogers Fred M. Jr.
567A Rogers Myra Barret
693 Ross Annie Caldwell
691 Ross Edna Earle
1223 Ross Elizabeth Ann Augusta
379 Ross Eugene Siler
1220 Ross Houston
1215 Ross Infant
1224 Ross Infant
671 Ross J. Baxter
663 Ross J. Newell
1199 Ross Jane
377 Ross Jane Oliver
694R Ross Joe C.
695R Ross Joe C.
696R Ross Joe C.
697R Ross Joe C.
1232 Ross John P.
1221 Ross John Patterson
376 Ross Joseph C.
380 Ross Joseph W.
381 Ross Lillie McGinn (Mrs.)
378 Ross Mabel Emmaline
1187 Ross Margaret H.
669 Ross Martha Ann Cunningham
1190 Ross Mary
1222 Ross Mary Jane Matthews
1201 Ross Nancy H.
1270 Ross Octavia Banner
1200 Ross Rebecca Rocinda
692 Ross Robert Dickey
1226 Ross Robert Edgar
1216 Ross Sarah A.
1229 Ross Sarah Ann
690 Ross Sarah Barber
673 Ross Thomas E.
670 Ross Thomas Oliver
1217 Ross Thomas S.
1225 Ross Virginia Carolina
1233 Ross W.
689 Ross William M.
1204 Ross William Jr.
1191 Ross William Sr.
271AR Russell **
268 Russell Edward Caldwell
267 Russell Edward Caldwell Jr.
269 Russell Grace Henderson
1320 Sample John Newton
83 Sample Joseph E.
84 Sample Margaret C.
1162 Scott Mary Anna
1136 Sharp Cynthia
1075 Sharp Jane
1076 Sharp Martha
1077 Sharp Thomas
18 Shaw Bleeker Matthews
862R Shaw Jack
863R Shaw Jack
1965 Shaw Margaret B.
806 Sloan Clayton J.
805 Sloan Houston J.
895 Sloan Hugh Franklin
375 Sloan James Dewey
804 Sloan Ruby Helms
486R Smith Brad
487R Smith Brad
488R Smith Brad
489R Smith Brad
521 Smith Charles T.
1277 Smith Frances
1329 Smith Gean
522 Smith Lucile
59 Smith Sarah Caldwell
485R Smith Wiliam Fredick
484 Smith Wiliam Fredick
1088 Smith William
757 Snead Minnie Grant (Mrs.)
758 Snead Terry Sheffy
1679 Sparrow Jessia Lea (Miss)
1373 Spratt Infant
1394 Spratt Mary A.
1374 Spratt Rebecca E.
1130 Springs John
1131 Springs Sophiah
396 Squires Alice Beulah
397 Squires Callie Jane
395 Squires Laura Reid
392 Squires Lucy Bright
393 Squires Luther Davis
394 Squires Thomas Austin
398 Squires Walter W.
935B Stephenson Charles Howie
1890 Stephenson Dawn Elizabeth
792 Stephenson Ellie (Mrs. R.A.)
935A Stephenson Margaret Grier
1855R Stephenson O.R. Jr.
1856R Stephenson O.R. Jr.
1857R Stephenson O.R. Jr.
1858R Stephenson O.R. Jr.
791 Stephenson Oliver
793 Stephenson Robert A.
790 Stephenson Viola J.
1269 Steward Robert
1045 Stitt Amelia M.
1092 Stitt Ann
1093 Stitt David
1091 Stitt Edward
1048 Stitt Elizabeth
1050 Stitt Elizabeth
981 Stitt Harriet R.
1047 Stitt Hugh
961 Stitt J.
962 Stitt James
1043 Stitt James
1052 Stitt James
644 Stitt James Morrison
999 Stitt James W.
1053 Stitt Jane
1196 Stitt Jane
960 Stitt Jane M.
963 Stitt John
1046 Stitt John
951 Stitt John D.B.
935 Stitt Margaret G.
982 Stitt Nancy C.
958 Stitt Neil M.
959 Stitt Prudence M.
952 Stitt Richard H.
1042 Stitt Samuel S.
997 Stitt Susanah
956 Stitt Susanah M.M.A. Watson
957 Stitt Susannah
1051 Stitt William
1090 Stitt William
1000 Stitt William A.J.
1054 Stitt William M.
1044 Stitt  
399R Stone Brenda
400R Stone Brenda
439R Stone Brenda
1133 Swann John
1134 Swann Mary
1132 Swann Teresa
1323 Tagert Amelia S.
1128 Tagert Elizabeth A.
1255 Teal Ethel Mae Gaddy (Mrs.)
656 Teal Frances Alexander
657R Teal Fred Thomas
1256 Teal James M.
1257R Teal James M. Jr.
1258R Teal James M. Jr.
321R Thomas Sandra
322R Thomas Sandra
O/W Tillet Daniel
O/W Tillet John
O/W Tillet Mark
78B TSG(?)  
232 Vail Helen M.
168 Vail Smythia Jane Person
169 Vail Thomas Lodowick
857 Wade Bryan Oliver
856R Wade Jean Hamilton
1271 Wadsworth Mary Jane
1731R Wagstaff Robt.
1732R Wagstaff Robt.
1733R Wagstaff Robt.
1734R Walker Ron
1735R Walker Ron
1008 Walkup Ann F.
1018 Walkup James A.
1317 Wallis Ezekiel P.
1318 Wallis James (Rev.)
1319 Wallis Mary A.
45 Warwick Elizabeth J.
47 Warwick Fannie
46 Warwick J.R.
43 Warwick Willie B.
1109 Weeks Elizabeth
1064 Weeks John
1107 Weeks Joseph
1065 Weeks Margaret
1112 Weeks Margaret Nancy
1111 Weeks Mary
1108 Weeks Mary B.
1110 Weeks Philip
1113 Weeks William
602R West J.B.
603 West James Britton
604 West John Todd
605 West Martha L.
1411 Wheeler Dwight
1410 Wheeler Helen
523R Williams Charles V. (Sonny)
524R Williams Charles V. (Sonny)
525R Williams Charles V. (Sonny)/Sonya
1400 Williams Louise Grier
1401 Williams Turner
291 Williamson Dorcas A.
90 Williamson Earl
78 Williamson Franklin P.
1612R Williamson Harvey E.
1614R Williamson Harvey E.
1615R Williamson Harvey E.
1613 Williamson Harvey E.
930R Williamson Jack
932R Williamson Jack
933R Williamson Jack
931 Williamson Jack
478 Williamson John Littington
480 Williamson John Scott
830A Williamson Lenora L. (Ella)
78A Williamson Maggie
292 Williamson Margaret
479 Williamson Minnie Jane
91 Williamson Norma Knox
289 Williamson Oscar Lee
288 Williamson Richard J.
477 Williamson Roy Lee
77 Williamson Rufus J.
290 Williamson William Franklin
830B Williamson William Greene
549A Williford Jackson Arthur
549 Williford Mrs Johnnie
1387 Wilson A.B.
1388 Wilson Margaret
1174 Wood Benjamin P.
1173 Wood Mary Lou
1115 Wylie John
1365 Wylie John
349 Yandell Edith Rea
346 Yandell Infant
347 Yandell Infant
348 Yandell Infant
833 Yandell James Newton
834R Yandell Jimmy
832 Yandell Mrs. Ruth Elizabeth Knowles
1041 Young John