You have found Providence Presbyterian Church's cemetery website. Providence signPresbyterian is located in Charlotte, NC.

Our church and it's cemetery across the street date back to 1767 and the cemetery contains graves of members dating all the way back to 1764.

The church office often receives requests for information about those interred in the cemetery and to make that data more accessible via the web, a long term effort was undertaken to put what we have in file card form into an electronic form. There are also pictures of the headstones.

A map of the cemetery shows the area where the graves are and each is located in a numbered 'plat'. This plat number will be the key to viewing information that we have on each grave and would be useful if you were to visit the cemetery in person.

To find information about any grave, you must begin by locating the associated plat number. To do that, look through this alphabetized file for the individual of interest's name and find his or her plat number. If you're looking just for Civil War Veterans, check this list for plat #.

Pictures of all in place headstones prior to January 1940 are included. After that date, there are also many pictures shown. There are no plans for addtional photos of headstones.

Enter desired plat #:

Enter desired plat #:

If you could visit us, having a map of the cemetery would be a help, so below is a small version of our cemetery layout. If you click on this map, a larger version will open which will more than fill your computer screen. You can however scroll this screen about some to see where the plat #s are located. Once the new view opens, you may have to click on the map with your mouse to get the map expanded to its larger view.

cemetery map 


On the map above, you'll notice that there is an area behind the main part of the cemetery which is labeled 'Slave Cemetery' as well as a path leading down to Providence Spring which was the focus of the earliest gathering in this area. All but two of the graves in the Slave Cemetery are unmarked. New crosses, brushed aluminum this time, are being installed in the slave cemetery.

Providence Cemetery Statistics

Copy of original deed of the property

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